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if we win, we will show you tomorrow. bill: "the o'reilly factor" is on tonight. >> tonight, you have hired me as governor of virginia. >> new jersey, we get it. >> billy big night for the republicans as two states president obama carried go for the gop. we will have analysis from dick morris, george stephanopoulos, and dennis miller. >> from my perspective, we won last night. bill: is this woman living in the land of oz? we will analyze this been coming out of the far left precinct. >> he is the most feared man in cable news. bill o'reilly. bill: body language takes a look at my appearance on "the view." you are about to enter the no
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spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: i am bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. why president obama should hire me as his primary adviser. that is the subject of our talking. memo. this is a no gloat zone. republicans have been gloating, but that gets us nowhere. yesterday's vote demonstrates many americans believe president obama's policies are simply not working. americans want good policy. they want america to prosper. when that does not happen, the vote the party in power out of power. see george of the bush. president obama should get the message and immediately appoint me his top advisor. i would bring a common sense perspective to the oval office.
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there would be no gloating. no nutty ideology. no attacks on fox news. i would encourage president obama to start solving problems, sir. the obamacare deal will create more problems than it will solve. voters in virginia and new jersey knew it. the economy is still very shaky and raising taxes will hurt it big time. voters went to the candidates who offered lower taxes. afghanistan. you have to give commanders enough resources to provide security. do it, or i will throw a tantrum inside the white house. many americans can provide president obama common sense, not just me. the government must stop the out of control spending and shore up the u.s. dollar. it must stop social engineering that could bankrupt america. do you know that in california, they're going to now withhold an extra 10% of everybody's paycheck? they are gangsters out there in sacramento. they just come in and whack
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every working person with a 10% tax surcharge. people might get it back after they file, but come on. that is not responsible government. that is hurting honest working people. the liberal legislature in california has destroyed the state and now they are stealing money from the folks to cover their horrendous mistakes. that can happen on the federal level. nancy pelosi and her far left crew have raised the federal tax rate to 45%. that is not capitalism. that is fidel castro stuff, confiscating wages that people honestly earn. president obama needs a dose of reality, quick. i am here for him. that is "the memo." let's bring in dick morris. he is the author of "catastrophe." you could come with me. >> rove and i have been there. the job is not worth having.
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bill: i do not believe it. i would take that job. you can come with me and to the polling. i am being facetious. what is happening in california is basically outright theft by the government. last night, what was the primary message that came across to you? >> that people are opposing the big government, big spending, deficit policy at the federal level, and afraid that it will seek back into the state level. obama had a huge amount to do with those defeats. i did some research coming on the show. the compared the results of 1993, the year before the republicans won everything, with the results of 2009. i was wondering of 2010 would be like 1994. the results are identical.
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identical. look, chris christie and whitman got the same vote share. the republican margin of victory was almost identical. bill: look it that. very interesting. >> those represented huge swings in those states where there were incumbent democratic governors. bill: you predicted chris christie would win. you knew that out? >> there was chris that it, the independent. he was absorbing 14% of the vote. when he started to drop, it was clear that chris christie would win it. bill: we will have more of nancy pelosi in "body language." victory for the democrats. the white house was quiet today. david axelrod did come out and say this. roll the tape. >> the new york 23 race was the
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one race that was really a microcosm of the national debate. the other races in jersey and in virginia were really state races, very much focused on state issues. jersey was very much focused on governor corzine. bill: ok. he is saying the only national race was 23 in new york, which went to the democratic candidate, when sarah palin and some of the radio commentators all came in for the republican. what is spin? you just heard spin. it is not crazy spin like pelosi. >> it is. you have one rates were 100,000 people voted and you have two others were 7 million people voted. which is more indicative? bill: i do not believe his analysis is correct. he is saying, look, they were disenchanted with what was going on in the states. the one race that did reflect
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washington went to the democrats. >> extraordinary circumstance in new york 23. the democrat was endorsed. the thing that is crucial to remember here is that in new jersey and in virginia, the democratic candidate lost about 18 points over the four-year period. the democrat who lost in virginia in 1993 got less. then wilder when he won. the other one got less than when he was elected. bill: you are saying history is repeating. >> the slippage in the case to me that 1994 and 2010 will be very similar. bill: you know what i think it is? all the exit polling said the economy was the main driver in jersey and virginia. people were worried about the economy. i think it is more than that. i think it is basically --
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they're looking at the health care bill. everybody pays attention to it. they see chaos. i said this to karl rove. there seems to be a loss of confidence in barack obama. i think this vote reflected the loss of confidence in president obama rather than any individual policy. >> i think there is a loss of confidence in foreign affairs as well. i think a lot of it is that he is trying to jam a round peg in a square hole. this health care bill, which is now one popular by 15 points -- now unpopular by 15 points, what will they do? saturday, they will pass it in the house. they got their clocks cleaned in these elections. bill: the senate will not go along with that. >> i think a lot of the senators and a lot of the red state democrats -- there are 83 democratic congressman from states that have carried, and they have to look at those results.
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bill: you bet. the overarch on this election is that new jersey, which is staunchly liberal now, staunchly liberal, that the folks basically are, i do not know if "frightened" is too strong a word -- here is a better word, "uneasy." if i was advising barack obama, i would say, listen. they are uneasy with you now. >> i am a pollster. when you get election results like this in jersey and virginia, a swing state and a solidly democratic state, and you go republican, and both of them flipped 20 points over one- year -- 14 obama, now they're changing -- they campaigned all over the place. you have to read the handwriting on the wall. bill: dick morris. >> to get a new job. send in your resume.
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bill: we would like you to vote in our new poll. which republican could beat barack obama? mike huckabee, mitt romney, sarah palin, or newt gingrich? please select one. later, dennis miller is musing about last night's vote.
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bill: joining us from washington, george stephanopoulos, the anchor of "this week." you heard me bloviating at the top and dick morris. what say you? >> i am trying to shake the image of you throwing a tantrum in the white house. a couple of things. when you talked about the vote is being frightened, i would use a different word. they were angry. there is no question. there is anger across the country. i agree with you that the economy is the number one issue. i agree with dick morris, which does not happen often. i think there were warning signs for the democrats looking ahead to next year. bill: i don't want you to outrun your coverage. i say they are uneasy with the leadership. you say they are angry.
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all right. exactly what are they angry at? >> they don't think government works right now. they are angry about the economy more than anything else. bill: the economy is not all obama's fault. >> they always take it out on whoever is in power right now. this is where i disagree with both you and dick a little bit. there's a lot of evidence in the exit polls that those elections in new jersey and virginia were not about obama. solid majorities in both states said he was not a factor in their vote. he is right about 50% in virginia. they're angry about the economy. bill: it does not make sense. if people are angry about the economy, why would they vote against jon corzine? he had nothing to do with the economy. he was a pin head in trenton. >> there were upset about
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property taxes. >> taxes are connected. bill: this is where you are falling apart here. corzine is a classic liberal, all right? he should have coasted. obama comes in, does the big rallies for corzine. if obama is still the messiah to a liberal state like new jersey, corzine wins. he is not a messiah anymore, george. >> i don't disagree. bill: he is tarnished now. >> there was another warning sign for the white house in those figures in virginia and new jersey. look at the young voters under 30. look at african-americans. they did not show up. they checked out. bill: "dancing with the stars" was on. remember that. >> obama needs them to come back. bill: obama might be able to get them back for obama. he ain't going to get them back
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for some guy in virginia nobody ever heard of. >> will he be able to get them back for house democrats and senate democrats when they are defending? bill: it depends of the country goes. if they ran through this unbelievably incompetent health care bill, which i don't think they will, and the country looks at a possible -- you heard my analysis on california, ok? that could happen here easy. people know it. they may not know the california analogy. they may be did not know that would happen. the california people have just: 10% of take-home pay from all the workers in that state. they have mismanaged the economy so badly. that could happen at the federal level. that is why i say they are uneasy. >> on health care, i think it is fraught with peril. the potential danger for democrats is this will include a
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lot of medicare cuts. that is tough to defend in an election year. that is the real danger. you used the word -- you talked about chaos. i do think there's a feeling in the country that washington cannot get anything done. that is the reason people do not trust government. what democrats believe is if they don't get something done on health care, everything falls apart. that is why they're willing to swap -- willing to swallow qualms about individual portions of the bill. bill: it is a $1 trillion crested. >> i don't disagree with that. i do think the chances that health care is going to pass this year did diminish a little bit. bill: a little bit? a lot. >> there is no question about it. this will be a tougher road. you are seeing democrats throwing up yellow flashing lights. there is a good chance that this
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will not get done before the christmas break. bill: i think that is right. george stephanopoulos. we appreciated. game marriage crashes and burns in maine. in illinois, a stunning abortion turn around.
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bill: the main legislature met legalized gay marriage last may. some residents thought it was inappropriate and wanted to vote. the good people of maine voted down the marriage. a stunning defeat in a state known for its libertarian bent. joining us from washington to analyze this and a few other matters, laura ingraham. and your radio program, you had a no gloat zone. >> we have sobriety in victory. you have to be sober in the way you look at what happened in new jersey and virginia. good news for republicans. the palpable anger and frustration with politics as usual in washington, runaway spending, the things you outlined, absolutely correct. republicans still cannot get that. bill: my take on it is, gloating does not do any good. solutions are what we're looking for. >> absolutely.
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let me say right off the bat, if i were the president, i would definitely hire you as an adviser, but i would not hire "talking points." bill: you would not listen to me. you would hire me. >> if you screw up, you could blame it on "talking points." bill: that is a rhetorical device, as you know. i would work for you in a heartbeat as an adviser, but i have a strange feeling i would and of bringing you cupcakes. that is what i would be doing. thanks, bill. >> you would be in the reality check. bill: in maine, and i have spent a lot of time there, beautiful state, crusty, independent yankees are living there. they do not want to be told what the definition of marriages. that is the main thing here, pardon the pun. they voted it down pretty big. i was surprised. >> it was a huge turnout in the state of maine.
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53% voter turnout. it can go higher than that, from the last thing i checked. in 31 states where either judges or state legislatures have tried to force this definition of marriage on the people, 31 times it has tried, 31 times it has been defeated. i get a lot of e-mails from my gay listeners. there is a real internal struggle in the gay community about how to proceed to lobby for greater rights and so forth. there's a real split within the gay community about it. people think, don't push the marriage thing. let's get visitation rights, full economic benefits. that is an interesting dynamic. as far as the people having this forced on them, they are rejecting it. bill: there has never been a state in the union that voted for gay marriage so far. >> 31 times. bill: in illinois, a very liberal state, parents knowing
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about their kid, underage, having an abortion, it looks like that is going to happen, right? >> it is quite to happen. the aclu has tried to stop this and block the implementation of this law. the thing that is stunning about this, this law, a common sense, very modest approach to this issue, it is your notification, not parental consent, just notifying parents, this was passed in 1995, ok? judges have stopped this from being implemented on bogus grounds. it is not clear what ave. the young woman would go in to notify the parent. it is ridiculous. finally, a common sense law on notifications, not even consent, gets to be implemented.
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the aclu still thinks that is too onerous of a burden on abortion. bill: 34 states have parental notification. all of them should have it. if your kid gets a major operation, your doctor has an abortion when she is 14, and you don't know about it, that girl comes home and she is not the same girl. parents are going, what the hell is going on? >> people believe you should be able to notify parents. this is a national consensus on this issue. bill: parents have rights. marijuana being legalized, it is making strides. we have a list of hollywood people, woody harrelson, brad pitt, justin timberlake, a bunch of potheads. jennifer anniston says she tokes up once in awhile. >> she has a new movie coming out called "marijuana and me." , on -- come on.
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this is what i care about, whether pot is glamorized by people who are glamorous. i don't care what they do behind closed doors. it has been glamorized and joked about. quentin tarantino out and brad pitt recently that he had a brick of marijuana. doesn't he have enough to do with all those kids? i cannot manage two kids. bill: you need to relax. >> that is true. i am thinking, poor jennifer anniston. if my ex-husband was running around with angelina jolie, i guess you have to blow off steam somehow. bill: i have never smoked pot in my life. i was afraid i would turn into a werewolf or something. thank you for coming. plenty more ahead. body language. the man -- nancy pelosi said the democrats won last night.
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my appearance on "the view of," and very scary.
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úpxx bill: speaker of the house nancy pelosi says despite losing the governor's races last night, the democrats actually won. >> from my perspective, we won tonight. we had one race we were engaged in in northern new york.
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it was a race where republicans held the seat since the civil war. we won that seat. from our standpoint, we had a candidate who was victorious and support the health care reform. this is a victory for the health care reform and other initiatives for the american people. from our standpoint, we picked up votes last night, one in california and one in new york. bill: hear now is our body language czarina. that is obviously spin. go ahead. >> i think there were times when she was genuinely happy, but i think a lot of what she is doing is fabricated. it is manufactured happiness. i see that with the constant moving around, looking down a lot. we know she does not have the best body language to begin with. i noticed that here.
5:31 am
some of her smiles were real. you could see that in the face. at other times, she was coming across as happier than she was. bill: it looked to be rehearsed. look at her neck. see how tense it is? >> that is why you can tell. when someone is experiencing doubt, some of the things they will do is have the eyebrow lift. this is where it comes. that is a self doubt indicator. you do not believe what you are saying. bill: when you wore memorizing something, spitting something back that he memorized, rather than talking from the heart, your body tenses up. you are trying to remember what to say. >> you have to remember an order. when someone poses a question, you have to stop, think back to the beginning of the story come and go on. bill: in the morning call from nancy pelosi, the meeting she was in, they told her, this is -- david axelrod said the same thing.
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the national race was in new york and the others were state races. >> this is where you have to look happy. bill: ok. the next one is my appearance on "the view." we only do this because -- it is an interesting dynamic over there. elisabeth hasselbeck is conservative. i go on that program for one reason. i enjoy it. i am on their to sell "bold fresh." roll the tape. >> 48 weeks. >> "a bold, a fresh piece of humanity." >> i have been a movie star for 25 years. it does not bug me. i have been will be goldberg for 25 years. you are the least of my problems. that is all. bill: aren't you a little older than that? >> i do not want to go into
5:33 am
that. bill: whoopi goldberg, for some reason, she was not happy and got a little defensive. >> she goes into the ready position. bill: what is the ready position? >> she talks to you, she gets an answer, and the hands the want to relax. she lifts her body up. this is a shift in position. see how close she gets to you? "backs of first? that was very interesting. bill: i had to. i thought she was going to bite me. >> are you ready to leave? are you ready to fight? bill: i am not going to fight whoopi goldberg. this woman would kick my butt. i also did not want to screw up barbara. whoopi goldberg was genuinely agitated when i was teasing her. >> i would say playful in
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millions. -- playful an alliance -- playful annoyance. bill: i like taylor swift. i think she is a pretty good role model for teenagers to really follow her. again, like with all celebrities, she gets put in a tough positions. roll the tape. >> is that part of the movie, when you go to a game together? some kind of basketball game? is that part of the movie? >> i really like hockey allot. it turns out, so does he. >> so is he a good kisser? >> what? bill: i do not know. she is embarrassed. >> it shows the real vulnerability. protecting the body, fiddling
5:35 am
with the fingers, looking down. her chest moves forward and legs move up. that is a protecting position. she is keeping herself protected. it was a darling and very sweet. bill: i like her. i would not ask those questions. thank you. when we come back, dennis miller will challenge nancy pelosi's spent on the election. later, a new program about aliens might be mocking president obama.
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bill: thanks for staying with us. i am bill o'reilly. three hot topics for the prince of purse capacity. what do you say about the election? >> i like chris christie in new jersey. i think he has a good sense of humor about himself. he was on don imus and he said he was 5'11". you get the feeling he had to get up this morning and go back to is regular job on "the sopranos." i don't like corzine because i think he looks like one of those rich bald guys who overdid it when barack came to town. he looks like he is important. he is over-and when he is in barack obama's presence. he looks like one of the guys on
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"bennie." he gets about of the chair. he looks a little needy. bill: you know what will happen to corzine? put the picture back up for a moment. now that he is not a governor, i predict he will grow a ponytail. >> he should have never moved his beard from his head down to his chin. he should of kept it on his head. i thought it was a mistake. bill: you are going to get the ponytail lot of this guy, i guarantee it. >> in new york 23 -- i think it points out how hard it is to get a third party. joey buttafuoco dropped out. a judge showed you that the republicans and democrats are closer than you would like to see. we go down to virginia and i am not saying it is a messiah to
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pariahs slide this year for barack obama, but let's say he does not have a lot of coattails'. i think last night, you're seeing people in the 3 opportunities they had come at least two of them, they wanted to take the collective safetie'' of the troops and rifles over there, and last thing is, quite frankly, they did not want to turn $1.20 trillion over to a sub reptilian intellect like nancy pelosi. bill: we will get to her in a minute. i want to write this down. you are saying president obama's coattails are like a naked midget's? >> he has less coattails many naked midget. that is what i'm saying. bill: i want to use that later on in some context. nancy pelosi gets out there.
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body language, we won. it was kind of like george custer's little bighorn. we are doing great. >> look at those eyes. look how wednesday that his. this woman could lose a game of tic-tac-toe against an amoeba. it shows you the holes in the system we have. this is the most powerful woman in the united states of america. look at her. she is of reptilian. you usually see a face like that on a lizard laying on a hot rock. bill: she is an attractive -- she is a grandmother. >> i am not saying anything about pretty. you are misreading the. empty, vapid, nobody home. she is not that smart. you can tell me this is a bright woman and i don't believe you. i think she memorizes the bullet. . bill: she does memorize. the neck is tight.
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in maine, i was surprised that 53/47 said we do not want a marriage. >> everybody will have to go their own way. they will have less people vote. gay marriage, on the things that concern me, i have friends who are gay and married and i am happy for them. gay marriage, things that weird me out or worry me? that is number 8 billion on my list. have a vote on it. it will figure itself out eventually. this is what the vote is for. bill: i agree with you. i do not care about the marriage. i want people to be happy and to be able to pursue happiness. i think folks should be able to define which kind of country it is. if they want a traditional country with a traditional marriage, their vote to count. >> i do not discourage people
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who are against it. it does not bother me. bill: it is not a priority. one of the reasons i brought miller on board "the factor," has it been three or four years now? i am very impressed with his 9/11 reaction. he used to be a raving left-wing loan. he was chained in a basement and only let out for three or four days. 9/11 happened and you changed. you saw the danger. you wanted in the corporate response. we have another danger in iran. these people are crazy and they want to get this new. god knows what they will do if they have it. what do you think about that? what should obama due to these people? >> i saw this coming in guy come out. -- this cockamamie guy comeout. he is talking about blowing somebody up. what was the phrase the commonly
5:44 am
used -- the khameni used? i find it docile and adulterated that we have not blown it up yet. the world will have to come together. you buttress that crazy person up with a nuclear weapon and it can happen. john bolten is right. netanyahu will have to fix that in the near future. bill: put up khameni again. he looks like leon russell. >> jon corzine. >> leon russell. he looks exactly like leon russell. he has the turban. dennis miller, there he is. obama's coattails are like a naked minted's. president obama accomplishments in the last year are listed.
5:45 am
are they substantial? a new program about aliens seems to be mocking president obama. .
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bill: the website politico has posted an article about president obama's
5:48 am
accomplishments so far. it was one year ago today he was elected. reading the article, and looks like you guys think obama has been more style than substance. am i wrong? >> it is more about the fact that he has these epic ambitions, but when you look at his tactics in the way his governing come in to predict conventional style. he is a political guy. he is calculating. he is not doing the bold things liberals would love for him to do. that is why the huffington post and the left seems so displeased today with what obama is doing on health care. they feel he is not being as bold as people thought he would be. you could say he has been ambitious because of what he did with the stimulus bill. bill: it is not like obama has a magic wand. he has tried to get the health care thing through. he could not explain it.
5:49 am
he still cannot. it is 2000 pages in the house, an atrocity. americans have given up on that. they don't like it. >> we are told he was watching basketball instead of returns. what we had last night was an intervention of people saying -- the american people were saying, slow down. you are trying to do too much, too fast. bill: i am not buying this from either of you. he is trying to do too much. i don't think he is doing enough. commanders are screaming for troops in afghanistan. >> very shortly, he will announce -- bill: how long has it been? >> it is similar to what general mcchrystal wants. bill: how long has it been? the guy has been paralyzed on afghanistan for two months, maybe more. he knew before mcchrystal went
5:50 am
out in public what he wanted. i am saying, that is not action. number two, health care. how long has this been going on? since the revolutionary war, i think. how many more times do we have to hear another press conference about it? >> that is one of the mistakes democrats will tell you they have made. their theory was, the american people do not want business as usual. they want is to do everything at once. whatever reason you voted for barack obama, you want him to deliver on that. bill: here is where you guys -- here is where you are making a mistake. america is a country where the folks who pay attention and people who vote, they want to know what you're doing. they do not want a confused mess. you do not rule it out until you know. the rule that out before they had anything. >> on the off chance they do not make you a senior adviser, what
5:51 am
we're hearing today is that they need to slow down and explain to the american people what they are doing. people run the president like the speech he gave to congress. people wish he had done it months earlier. we are talking about and the christmas deadline. this will go into january? new year's day is going to come and the president will not have signed any of his big three accomplishments. energy, health care, financial regulatory. >> i don't think the elections were necessarily about obama. they will affect and profoundly. if you look at the independent vote in new jersey, virginia, 2- 1. there was a myth that the obama election changed politics. it is a 50/50 country and has been for some time. in the middle, it is fickle. independent voters will swing
5:52 am
20. one way or another in a matter of months. it happened this summer. it happened in those races. you have read state democrats in full panic. if you were in a swing district in indiana, if you're in arkansas -- bill: if you vote for this health care, if you vote for this health care bill and it is a debacle, you are dead. you are dead next november. americans don't like the bill. >> one of the reasons they wanted to have this done, rahm emanuel has a theory that they need at least a year to explain it. that time has already passed. it will go even further. olympia snowe said today that the election returns make you think again about health care. if she is thinking again about it -- bill: gay marriage, too. thanks very much. "pinheads and patriots" on deck. a new show about aliens might actually be mocking barack
5:53 am
obama. could that be possible? .
5:54 am
bill: time now for "pinheads and patriots." take a look at this new series, about alien invaders. >> the gain trust with the promise of friendship and technology, and, of course, they
5:55 am
are positioning themselves as the saviors of mankind -- they gain trust. >> i am not obsessive. >> really? this looks really obsessive to me. >> we want to provide complete medical services to all. >> you are talking about universal health care. >> i believe that is what you call it, yes. bill: [laughs] i have got to watch that show. it is clear they are taking some shots at president obama, and whether that is good or not depends on your political party. premium members on this side will see might take on issues that did not make "the factor " we used to do this on the radio factor. -- that did not make "the factor." we use to do this on the radio factor.
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get the american patriot took bags free when you buy things. and if you buy a copy of "bold fresh," you get both the tote bags -- get the american patriot tote bag free. plus, the reverend wright says that america is the home of the greed and the home of the slave. i think so, doug. you must answer some of the criticism, or people will believe it. well, you certainly have, rosemary.
5:57 am
the white house thinks they are healing the economy, megan. we will see how it goes. yesterday's election indicates that the folks are not buying that anymore. do not be fresh, kermit. no doubt it is good. but i am putting my guys up against it.
5:58 am
i have done that many times, jimmy. it does not seem to be helpful. how about our website? if you came in late, the talking points is a good one about president obama and hamid karzai. also, email us piss comments -- email us pithy comments. and here is the word of the day. no flapdoodle. please vote in our poll about who may be to president obama. i am bill o'reilly. we hope to see you next time -- are all about him a beat -- who may beat
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] >> ♪ o say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight oer the ramparts we watch were so gallantly streaming and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air gave proof through the night that our flag was still there o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the
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